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Places and Spaces: Cape May, New Jersey

This past weekend, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to escape to Cape May, New Jersey for a couple days in celebration of our 4th anniversary, thanks to the endless generosity of our parents. There is something just so iconically romantic and whimsical about Cape May and being there does wonders for souls in need of healing, rest and inspiration. Our home for the weekend was the lovely Prince of Wales corner turret room in the Queen Victoria Inn and it was such a treat for our history and literature loving selves. With camera and iPhone in tow, we walked hand in hand through the town and just took it all in…every breath, every detail, every moment…and here is just a small glimpse of it all, including an incredibly sweet video of my husband singing some classic Frank Sinatra to me on our way home from dinner Saturday night. Such a blessed and lucky gal I am.  ahhhhh…to be back there 😉



2,102,400 minutes

April 18, 2009 — the day I married the love of my life.

… and today, we celebrate 4 years — 48 months — 1,460 days — 35,040 hours — 2,102,400 minutes of marriage, of walking the journey and doing this life together. Since our anniversary fell on a Thursday and since my husband is completely slammed with grad school and teaching, we decided to keep our day-of celebration simple and sweet — and what better way to do that than by returning to the site where it all happened. So we grabbed a quilt, some coffee and of course my camera and headed off to Olivet Methodist Church in Centerton, NJ for a quick little dusk picnic, albeit minus the food part. It was never about the place, as beautiful as it is under the gorgeous pink canopy of trees — but the place is a symbol for us of God’s faithfulness, love, grace and provision in our lives. So we go back to remember, to reflect, to sit in gratitude, to hold captive, to pause and just be, with each other…if even just for a few, still moments in time.

April 19, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Angelsea Urban - Love this! And you both! Happy Anniversary to you and Cameron! I hope you had the most amazing day. And that black and white photo of you? WOW! Stunning, simply beautiful! 🙂

Afternoon Escapes

In preparation for a hectic week, my husband Cameron and I decided to escape to NJ for a few hours on Saturday evening and again on Sunday – a distraction free place to crank out some work, some beautiful countryside to view, to pull up a chair and a birds eye view on my parents’ deck, and some time for an impromptu photo walk with my dad through the state park right up the road from them. I have a tendency to always pack up my photo gear just incase the perfect shot is waiting to be found but this time, I instead forced myself to travel light with only my Lensbaby…and in so doing, forced myself out of that perfect shot box and into a cherished place where I could playfully dance around the light, focus on evoking a sentiment and capturing a mood and essence instead of a technically flawless photograph, and where I could somewhat throw caution and a quest to photograph what and how I as well as everyone else photographs to the wind. And it felt amazingly liberating, wildly creative and toe-tingly exhilarating. These are by far not anywhere close to perfect images, they aren’t intended to be – they are for me and are the perfect representation of one of the best, most “perfect” days we’ve had in awhile…so yes please, can I have another 😉



Liberti Church East Staff Portraits

I was honored to have the opportunity recently to turn my camera on the humble, faithful, devoted and awesome staff of Liberti Church East. These men and women, led by our passionate lead pastor Steve Huber, give their hearts, souls and lives in service to God’s work here in Philadelphia. From the day we first set foot in liberti (the day after we moved to Philadelphia) my husband and I knew we had found our place and we are so blessed to call liberti our church home now 3 1/2 years and counting. Love doing life and serving alongside these people and may God use us all to rock this city!

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