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… Redemptive Architecture and a View for Miles …

Like many who reside on the upper east coast, I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing, what I was thinking,…and what it felt like…on September 11, 2001..when time stood still and surreality set in…and what it has felt like everyday since then, as we all try to make sense of the senseless, repair gaping holes left in our hearts and minds, and rebuild our lives, cities and the structures that help define them.

It’s been almost 14 years…since the New York City skyline was forever changed…and while the lives lost on that tragic fall morning will never be replaced and will never stop being mourned and missed and loved, it couldn’t end there…it just couldn’t…that big gaping hole…in the sky and in our hearts, couldn’t just be left there without trying to make something new and beautiful in memory of and to honor those whose very lives are forever ingrained and immortalized there.

On May 29, 2015, I had the privilege and honor to visit the One World Observatory on its opening day with my brother. While I expected it to be a sobering yet exciting experience, I was not prepared for the depth of emotions that welled up inside of me and came pouring out as I listened to the stories of those involved in the imagining and building of the new One World Trade Center. And in that moment, I was reminded how profound and powerful redemption is.

We will never forget, we will always remember and as we gaze out at the view that stretches for miles, high above the hatred and evil and brokenness below, may we take pause and be still… and know that God makes all things new, all things beautiful, and clothes us, all of us, again and again and again in garments of grace.




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