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All Upon A Winter’s Day in New York

One of my favorite traditions around the holidays is an annual McCrawford Christmas adventure to New York with my husband and brother. We pack as much as we possibly can into 36-48 hours including 3 Broadway shows (see list at bottom of post). Every year we try something slightly different than the year before whether it be the hotel we stay in, how we spend our random times between shows, where we eat, etc. This year, not only did we try staying in a different part of the city but we also added time in Central Park and Bryant Park, which were both welcome meanderings.

If we’re all honest, we’re a bit smitten with NYC, and there is just this inexplicable feeling we experience when we first come up out of the tunnel…probably because we don’t have to try to survive and thrive in it daily like true New Yorkers do, but whatever the reason, it’s exhilarating and already has me counting down to our next.

In the meantime, I wanted to share just a few images from our time…I didn’t pull out my camera nearly as much as I could have (you know, trying to walk the often tightrope balance of being present and capturing experiences…which is for a whole other post on a whole other day) but glad to have at least these few mementos.


As we strolled through the iconic Bethesda Terrace and Fountain section of Central Park, we heard voices — beautiful, angelic, soulful voices – and as we followed them, we stumbled across this eclectic family of musicians and singers who were there just playing and singing their hearts out for all who passed by. Now I know what you’re thinking, because we have all heard some pretty “interesting” street performers but these men and women were truly truly gifted. And this sweet man was the stoic yet gentle patriarch of the group. Before long, a crowd had gathered and I looked around at all of us standing there partially in awe, partially in curiosity and partially in disbelief that this… this somewhat magical, inspiring musical scene was unfolding right before us, in Central Park no less, and we got to witness it and enter into it. At one point, I found myself tearing up and I leaned over to Cameron and told him in that choked up, barely get the words out kinda voice that this was what I imagined heaven would be like someday —  a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-walk of life, multi-story choir of angels just giving everything they had to give and leaving it all out there on that terrace that day. I choke up again just thinking about it. And then my husband and brother proceed to make fun of me just a bit 😉


2015-01-24_00012015-01-24_00032015-01-24_00042015-01-24_00062015-01-24_00052015-01-24_00072015-01-24_00082015-01-24_00112015-01-24_00092015-01-24_00102015-01-24_0012Until we meet again New York…stay sassy.

——-Now for some further details of our trip:———–

Hotel Mulberry – located in Chinatown and not far from Little Italy
52 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013
This hotel turned out to be somewhat of a hidden gem, for us at least. It was a quaintly modern boutique hotel on a very quiet street overlooking Columbus Park. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the rooms were simple, somewhat modern and clean. Our only “issue” was with controlling the temperature in the room – but since we were only there for one night, we didn’t make a big deal out of it though I am sure they would have worked to make it right.

Download the Best Parking app – you can find early bird deals and coupon codes at lots all throughout NYC.








Broadway Shows:
This Is Our Youth starring Michael Cera
starring Gretchen Mol and Josh Radnor*Stay tuned for a future post containing a review of some of the above shows
*Stay tuned for future post containing a review of some of the shows above and possibly a guest review


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